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Our format is unique.  The murder has already happened, no dead bodies to deal with.  I am the Detective and my actors are the suspects.  I provide all of the handout materials "official police information" to your attendees as they are seated in groups at tables.  I come out and make the announcement of what happened, give out the materials and then leave. I return with the "suspects" and call them up to say their testimony.  Then, they are sent from table to table to be interrogated.  We take a short break and return for a brief follow up questioning period.  I collect the solution forms and offer the solution.  We then see which group figured it out. It takes about two hours

Our company was founded in 2002 by Owner Della Freedman in order to create an original, local theater company for the community with professional actors.   We have been offering our interactive murder Mystery shows both for the public and for private groups, many on a repeat basis.  We do local as well as out of town shows.

BOOK US for your event today.  Go to our CONTACT Page to send us an email.

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